About KeepNode.app

What's this app for?

The application displays information about the state of the operator of your nodes including balance, bonded ethers, the amount of tokens in the stake and so on.

What's about score?

Scores are need for a simplified view of the state of your node.

How can improve my nodes?

Follow the instructions in the "Founded issues" tab after scoring.

I found a bug!

Please take screenshots or provide error logs via the Google Chrome console (Inspect). DM me in discord (@Herobrine#1852) or create an issue on github. If you're a dev, I'd love to see a pull request!

Special thanks

@ssh#4098 in Discord for helping.
Also thanks for share Keep contracts.
Antonio#6691 for helping.
Danil Ushakov#5735 and whataday2day#1271 for deploy ropsten dedicated node.

Developed by @Herobrine#1852 for Keep Network.